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Simplify, simplify, simplify

25-8 Marketing: Because marketing your business is more than a 24-hour job

bad ad copyLet’s rid the world of bad ad copy.

I was having breakfast with a client a while back and he brought to my attention an article in Business Week entitled: Five Words to Never Use in an Ad. Back at my office, I found it online and read it. It was great information. Author Steve McKee explained how there are many meaningless cliches that are simply timeworn, and should be avoided.

Why bad ads happen

There are so many reason why bad ad copy runs in newspaper, direct mail, internet, radio and television. Foremost, there is a lack of marketing expertise from the people who design or write these ads. Most newspaper and internet ad designers have experience in graphic design, not marketing. Most broadcast writers are either salespeople (who’s job is, in their mind, finished when the sale is made) or production people (who’s job is to…

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